Young rancher bolstered by act of kindess

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Merissa Meyer shares a smile and a photo of the latest addition to her herd, an Angus cow donated from Maher Angus Ranch.

Young rancher bolstered by act of kindess

Casey Maher, left, and Mark Meyer shake hands during the Jan. 23 donation of an Angus cow to Mark’s daughter, Merissa.

Young rancher bolstered by act of kindess

Devastation morphed into gratitude last month, when a cattle trailer swung into the yard of Mark and Tera Meyer to deliver a bred Angus cow to their daughter, Merissa.

When a wellhead went dry last summer, the ranching family in the Morristown, S.D., area, was forced to haul water to their herd. But a tough situation turned to devastation when 60-65 head, including cows, one calf and a bull, died within two to three days. The loss was about ten percent of his herd, Mark explained. It’s assumed that a small amount of liquid nitrogen remaining in a tank Mark was using from another rancher to haul water caused the deaths.

“If you take $70,000 or $80,000 out of anybody’s operation, it’s pretty devastating in one year,” Mark said. Having to wean the motherless calves early also drained the herd, Mark said. But the worst of the situation, he added, was the loss of his daughters’ cattle, particularly a cow owned by Merissa, a freshman at Grant County High School in Elgin.


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