Double R Meats thrives, helps keep small-town community alive

Mor-Gran-Sou members Rod and Nyra Ruscheinsky, owners of Double R Meats in Carson, have five children and one dog, and recently became first-time grandparents. One son is still in high school, and the other four live within an easy drive from Carson. “Our kids are all pretty close, and we get to see them often,” Nyra says. Looking to the future, Grandpa Rod is looking forward to teaching the next generation to hunt, and Nyra will stay home and take care of the babies. Sorry, folks! Double R Meats is BUSY and no longer offers wild game processing.

Double R Meats thrives, helps keep small-town community alive

Courtesy of Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative

As she slices and packages cheese to fill a customer’s order, Nyra Ruscheinsky is asked about the Band-Aid protecting her finger. She laughs about the temporary discomfort and says, “Once a year, I nick a finger with the slicer. It’s a standard procedure.”

The cut is a blessing, in some ways.

It is a reminder that business is good. Customers are loyal. Their business often brings additional business to Carson, and their small town lives on.

Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative members from north of Carson, Nyra and her husband Rodney have owned and operated Double R Meats on Main Street for 28 years. They work six days a week, putting in long hours and physical labor.


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