“My take on it”

I’m sure lot of us were hoping and praying to see some change by this time, some improvement at least, in this COVID-19 situation. OK, this pandemic. The week had started out warm and sunny, beautiful and hopeful. The promise of spring and the renewal that it brings wrapped around us as we stood soaking in the warm sun. Hope springs eternal. Maybe the worst was over or at least, getting better. Maybe this virus is moving away. Maybe we can see the end of it from here. A vaccine, perhaps? But as we watched the daily news we began to see that was not quite the case. Still, there was hope and prayer. The president’s announcement of a 30-day extension of pandemic protocols pretty much took the wind out of our sails. An audible groan went through our small community as we wondered just exactly how this would affect us and, those we love and care about. As this reality began to settle in, we knew there was still a clear and imminent danger. More care must be taken, more separation. This is a dangerous time. It’s not all about us. Our president and his staff as well as our governor and state medical personnel explained the reason for these new precautions and how we could help to implement them and how they applied to us. There was a lot to take in and reconcile into our lives.

With a renewed sense of purpose and resolve we looked ahead to the long haul and, to the end of April. One day at a time. We can do this, we must do this. This is real. Our family decided to make fewer trips for supplies. But there are still necessities. OK. Make it fast! In and out! Shop only locally. Social distancing, wash your hands!

More projects are now being planned in and around our house and yard. I cleaned out my freezer and found several bags of apple pulp from last fall. We now have 24 pints of homemade apple butter cooling on the counter. Our garden has been tilled. Our garage has been cleaned. My husband spends hours working on his boat motor and is gaining new knowledge and skills. I think I heard the sound of a wrench go flying this afternoon.


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