Constitution assures election intrigue will end

Constitution assures election intrigue will end

The 2020 presidential election, prolonged by President Donald Trump’s court challenges and demands for recounts in some states will come to an end, sooner rather than later. Citizens may be assured of that by constitutional and statutory mechanisms.

This election, fraught with tension and anxiety, is not nearly the nail-biter that the nation endured in the 2000 campaign, which ended only after the US Supreme Court ruled in Bush v. Gore that the recount in the State of Florida could not continue. That 5-4 decision, delivered on Dec. 12, resulted in the award of the state’s Electoral College votes to George W. Bush, who captured the popular vote by 535 votes. That is what we Americans call a close presidential election.

The 2020 race, by comparison, is a walk in the park, despite a protracted period. For students of our constitutional system, it represents a fine teaching moment about the rights of candidates and the nature of the electoral process.


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